Monday, October 17, 2011

What is going on here?

One could well ask....     I was cleaning up some cheap wine bottles I bought many moons ago and repainted the tops.   In the background are some tables-in-progress and a bit of my first garden also-in-progress to the left.   I was working on about 6 things at once all weekend, it was confusing but fun!

I'd recently bought some plain bottles for my bar and I waxed 'em down to the counter just to get them out of their package.  I also glued some really cheap bead & push-pin glasses to a bit of clear plastic and stuck them onto a lower shelf where they really won't be very visible but I'll know they are there.
I like this overhead view.

And just for this photo I stuck the bar back into Ariel's morning room (which seems to make a nice bar).
One of the finished pedestals with the blue bit which I actually got in Paris in 1977 is also showing itself off here.
Those bar bottles need some labels - I'll be working on that soon.
Seeing this makes me want to change the paper in the bar/tavern!

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