Sunday, December 30, 2012

First set of STAIRS in Ariel!

This set of stairs was worked on from Dec 22 through a couple of days ago and still needs it's 2nd coat of varnish and a few tweaks.    I got in the look at least of 2 drawers and it is enough to make me happy.

There will be a pretty elaborate floor (one my my cheater styles) and doors and maybe a fireplace in the hall.  I can't wait to hang pictures and put in the tiny details that make a house a home.

The plinth in front there needs a coat of varnish.

Things done & found

I have been busy!   I cleaned and rearranged mini-working stuff inspired by the AIM magazine articles showing artisans work spaces.   Came to light many an item I don't even remember making yet there it was.  One of those was this blue chair (from a kit).  
The push pin and pony bead glass I made six dozen of after learning, at last, how to get the pin out of pushpins cleanly and neatly.   You hold the pin over a candle flame for 8 seconds and pull it out with pliers - easy-peasy.   The glasses aren't fabulous but they will do.
The crystal ball thing is just some bits I glued together which I simply couldn't resist.   It is a curiosity and will go into someone's library or the pawn shop should I ever get that built.

The wonderful plinth with flowers comes straight from an AIM magazine project.  I am working on a second one right now.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A demilune table

This demilune table was part of the big order I just made.  It was on sale I think and will be just right for...somewhere.    I had never heard the word demilune table in my entire half a century plus of life but now I know. 

Clearing up in Ariel

I'm doing some clearing up in Ariel prior to some serious work done on the place.
I've placed a large order with Hobby Builder's Supply and can hardly wait to get going!
Meanwhile, here are some pics of Ariel looking in areas better than it has for well nigh on a year I think.
In this picture I was glad to get the first picture hung in the parlour.   There will be a picture rail there and the hanging ribbon will eventually be very fine but for now....
And the baseboarding is on order, very, very exciting.....
 I just wanted to put up the wall pocket too.  It needs some sheet music in there or at least a magazine or two of the period.

These 3 fellows are simply everywhere!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Few Merebrick pics

Just a few pictures of Merebrick rooms.  I do like how the popstick floor in this room, now 15 years old, looks nice and aged and surprising real.

A nice crowded gentleman's parlor.

 The laundry room which needs a bit of work and here has been rearranged by a 9 year old.  The laundry rack on the floor has got to be attached to the ceiling.

I've been busy

 I got the bedrooms papered for a start.  I don't have an overall picture of the edifice yet but I was going for a certain balance of colors and patterns in the rooms.
I plunked down beds in the rooms which may or may not be there when they are "done" - whenever that will be, if ever.

I can't believe how smoothly it all went but maybe it's because I spent an awful long time picking what papers were going to go where.

Ten interior doors are necessary to continue work on these bedrooms and I am hoping to order them all today.  There is still a LOT of work to do on the halls which won't be seen much but I am doing them up to make myself happy about it.  The dado will be painted a dull brown over the shiny nonsense on the paper and floors have to be added as well as doors and a picture or two so they can be "glimpsed" from the doors.

 The green washstand goes with the green bed just as I planned.

Where the ladder is will be a hall with light green striped wallpaper (and a frieze), a staircase and a bathroom behind the door.  A bedroom is above the hall.

And to the right of this set of 6 bedrooms will be this bit with a tower room yet to be built on top.

 The slanted bit on the left upstairs is the underside of the stairs leading to the tower room. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hallways are papered

By dint of staying up till 10 pm last night and getting up somewhere before 5 am, I was able to get the hallways papered. 
True - they will mostly not be seen but it makes me happy to have them done.
The bit of unfinished baseboard I propped upstairs was just for effect.  It will, of course be painted BROWN.
And once doors are in they will be standing open all the time just so I can look into my hallways.
These hallways are fully 3 1/2" wide, nice and generous.

Here is one of those shots I so love, as if I were mini and "looking down the hallway."   It makes me feel like an inhabitant.

Below is a better view of the wall-paper and the dado, oh so perfectly Late-Victorian.

If I can't have it in real life I can have it in 12th scale.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Servants Hall

I got the wallpaper and dado put in the extended bit of servants hall.  I couldn't find the dado paper (though I knew I had it) for months and months and a rested, intensive search brought it to light. 

When I first shined my light into the house and looked at the servants hall I actually got a lump in my throat and almost could have cried because I love it so.   Ariel, it is the house of my dreams in that it represents so much of the things in my life that have fascinated me and brought me enjoyment and pleasure.
Although my pictures show rather a mess in there now I can see how it will look when I get it to where I want it to be.   There will a fireplace and 1 or 2 more doors.  I will also need some serious lighting because of the depth of the room.
But I just love this simple room! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bedrooms for Ariel

It doesn't look like much yet but it took me all Saturday to do.  I made half the top part of Ariel, the bedrooms.  I am not attaching the floor or roof until I finish wall-papering the halls and installing doors which, as I haven't yet bought them, will be a little while.

What you see here is about 36" wide and 16" deep.
 That bed sitting there is the one I made of Davy Board & wood bits back in 1997.  I spray painted it brown and learned how many coats it takes to cover unprepared cardboard!  Way too many I can tell you!   At least it has a mattress and a quilted yellow coverlet but no sheets or anything.   It looks like two maids could share it comfortably.  When I made it I thought it fine enough for the master bedroom but now I think not nearly so fine at all. 
           I am nearly dying of anticipation to go to work on this but I can't until all the decisions about the wall paper colors and friezes and dados are made for the entire top half (even the right hand side I haven't made yet).
           The lower floor ceiling height is 9 1/2" and the upper or the "attic" is 9", nice and high and sort of comfortable I guess.   Our old house had the same ceiling height as Ariel's attic - that is one way to think of it.
           Ariel is very late-Victorian, Eastlake-ian.   The bathrooms are going to be quite something I can tell you.  Maybe I can get ONE done this week.    

Friday, December 7, 2012

Three more washstands

I have made 3 more washstands, the ones I had planned to make this past summer.
Two are painted, the green one matches a bed and will be part of a bedroom suite eventually. 
The unpainted one I haven't decided on yet.    These washstands are strictly utilitarian, not for any grand looks at all.