Sunday, December 30, 2012

First set of STAIRS in Ariel!

This set of stairs was worked on from Dec 22 through a couple of days ago and still needs it's 2nd coat of varnish and a few tweaks.    I got in the look at least of 2 drawers and it is enough to make me happy.

There will be a pretty elaborate floor (one my my cheater styles) and doors and maybe a fireplace in the hall.  I can't wait to hang pictures and put in the tiny details that make a house a home.

The plinth in front there needs a coat of varnish.


  1. I love your staircase with the storage drawers, there is never enough of that in any house, big or small!

  2. Wonderful staircase!!! I once lived in a Victorian house with stairs like that.... only there was a bench at the bottom with storage under the seats! Your stairs look Fantastic!

  3. Hi, Greetings from Brazil! And A Happy New Year for you too!

    I simple adore staircases and your staircase is exquisite.


  4. Thanks for the comments Elga, Daydreamer & My Crafts. Happy 2013!
    I am so enjoying the time I am spending with my mini's again.