Monday, July 27, 2020

Tavern/Inn doors are on...

Two windows and a door are on order but the DOORS are on at last!  There will be a sort of porch for the second floor...eventually.  

Friday, July 17, 2020

Progress! The town of Facetious

             I have just finished, cutting out and gluing together where needed, ALL the fronts for my shops AND houses!!!!!!!  

     I will not speak of windows ahead to be built because it is daunting.  The coverings of these doors does not phase me, most of them already in plastic bags ready to be applied both insides and outsides.
            I think my arms and hands are tired from the long bout of x-acto cutting and maneuvering of large pieces of heavy duty foam core board.
            But the dollhouse/shop building, the things themselves (contents are a joy) is coming to an end and I can tell you I am glad.  Outsides and shells are a necessity but it’s the stuff inside that is the joy although a pretty interior makes it all worth while.

The white fronts are just taped on lightly to see how the fully-fronted effect would be.  
            These are the houses/residences.   L to R; the Tavern/Inn, Merebrick, Port Brown and Slothaven.  
            The white bit next to the tavern is the Inn’s entry and dining room above.  The tall white front to the left of Merebrick is the new big extension of Merebrick.  The white below Port Brown is the cellar.  
          And the yellow Slothaven is on the far right.  I can hardly believe now that I cut all those windows out of matboard (insides & outsides)!   And the board and batten outside was also matboard cut in strips and strip wood for the battens. 

These are the stores and and the far right, the yellow brick school building.  And on top of the Gateman building (in grey with white windows, is the bandstand on which is faded brick paper and will need finishing and refurbishing someday.   There is the pergola to it’s right but that has my oriental bits in it just now.
            The Tall building is just that, the tall white one.   Below the pinky (ugh!) bakery is the Pharmacy/Grocery and below the green trim/beige building is the Pawn Shop/Telegraph office/Barber/Hardware.   The green front under the grey Gateman building is the Dry Goods store, the one front I got done though windows are lacking.
            It’s a good thing the floor is not visible as it is one heck of mess.

            These are days and a vision I want to remember when, hopefully and God-willing, I will have all these fronts DONE and the faded ones refurbished!