Friday, December 2, 2011

Picture as proof!

I said there was a skeleton in the dining room of Ariel.  And here is the picture as proof only there are 2!   I don't remember setting them there; it was awhile back. But I took this photo for the sake of 2 other items.

The first is that tea cosy on the table which was a gift from my boss (from a trip she made to Korea) and is actually a thimble but which I thought would make a very elegant mini tea cosy.  And since Ariel is the house with the oriental touches, this is where it will go though it will probably end up in the drawing room when I get that ready enough for it.

The second item is that pumpkin there.  It is actually a tangerine (or an orange) that dried up like that at my Mom's apartment.  I found it while we were unpacking the 2nd last of 3 boxes from the move.  Mom said Timo (her cat) had been playing with it and I said it looked like a mini-pumpkin and she agreed.  So here it is although I really ought to build that roadside stand I plan to which will sell pumpkins and gourds and fall paraphanalia.

Lastly, WOW, enlarged, close-up shots reveal every flaw and shortcoming.  That floor just may have to go!
The dado will smooth out once or if ever I get the chair rail put in.