Monday, February 11, 2019

Many items being made...

I have been going full-tilt lately, lots of cheap furniture bought ages ago (25 years) being refashioned and refurbished and other bits being made and other items started (also about 25 years ago) being finally finished off.   Here is how my workplace looks just now.
And here I took a print I copied somewhere off the net of mini-dominoes, pasted it it to a piece of card and cut them carefully out, black and white.   Then I made this small wooden box just for them using scraps from my 2 "Wood Bits boxes.    I finished it with acrylics and made the clasp out of a bit cut out of a filigree.    Putting the dominoes in the box when done happened nearly 2 weeks later, no small job, had to use tweezers.   But I like the result.  First pic is half-full and then full up to the top.

And here is a "trunk" I made and didn't finish way back in 1997.  Well, it got finished up and I am relieved.  I couldn't bring myself to toss it as it was my first attempt at this kind of thing, and it's not very exciting but I am sentimental about it and glad to have it done.  It is going to go in to the nanny's room in Merebrick, it's her trunk.