Thursday, March 7, 2019

Slothaven's Parlor taking shape!

 I don't know if I've posted a pic of the parlor since I re-papered it from dark blue to this nice light stuff.  Now one can see the doors back there.   I've got 3 LED wall lights for it and I now like this room much more.  The fireplace is still under construction and the sofas will be recovered someday.

And below you can see the front hall (still working on stuff there) and the kitchen. 

Slothaven's Dining Room, New Fireplace!

This has been a loooonggg time coming!  The overmantel I made a while back but I just recently added a heavy top (plaster or resin or whatever that stuff is) and the bottom is very old.  It was a dull grey and I added wood to it on the back & sides and some trim bits and painted that puppy all white to go with the overmantel.  I JUST LOVE IT!  It makes Slothaven's dinging room come alive for me.
I also refinished 9 really cheap chairs, you can see them scattered about.  There is a Chrynsbon china cabinet the doors of which I am giving new "glass" (plastic) so it's not in there.  

And this room is all about the blue and white china.       There is still more to come, crown moulding, a picture rail and door knobs....

The second picture shows the fireplace better.