Thursday, March 7, 2019

Slothaven's Dining Room, New Fireplace!

This has been a loooonggg time coming!  The overmantel I made a while back but I just recently added a heavy top (plaster or resin or whatever that stuff is) and the bottom is very old.  It was a dull grey and I added wood to it on the back & sides and some trim bits and painted that puppy all white to go with the overmantel.  I JUST LOVE IT!  It makes Slothaven's dinging room come alive for me.
I also refinished 9 really cheap chairs, you can see them scattered about.  There is a Chrynsbon china cabinet the doors of which I am giving new "glass" (plastic) so it's not in there.  

And this room is all about the blue and white china.       There is still more to come, crown moulding, a picture rail and door knobs....

The second picture shows the fireplace better.



  1. All progress is good progress and I like the work you've done with your fireplace. Very grand.

  2. Thank you for the comment! These houses are all about what I would have liked to have lived like in my dreams of course. I will never own a Victorian home but I can have one in miniature, I call that grand.