Thursday, January 3, 2013

First Lights in Ariel!

And they are in the kitchen and servant's hall.   The Victorians would be scandalized to have electric lighting in lower regions FIRST.   It is nice and bright as the dowager countess (Maggie Smith - I love her) says in Downton Abbey, "it's like opening night at the Gaiety."    This is an "overall" light which is what I wanted since I really can't afford the specialty lighting and don't want to mess with it even if I could.  I like the romance of this, I can turn on or off each room as I wish.
These are C-4 single lights and I have figured out a way to even leave room to easily change the bulbs.   The cords which for these two rooms are hanging out the side to the left, will be hidden in a downspout eventually or something similar.   I also got the flooring in the kitchen extension put in and in this lit photo, it was varnished.  The match is close enough for me although you can see the front bit is a wee bit darker than the back.

  You can see it in the raw state here and also you can see the ceiling doodad that houses the light.    I also cut the pass-through a bit wider by an inch (or one foot in mini-folks measurement).    There will possibly be a door or window on the left wall, I am pondering just how and what form it will take.

In the servant's hall, since I cannot find more of that fine tile floor (it was a cut-out from a DHW magazine) I have put down, for now, this reddish bit of mat board and we will see what happens.  There is another door to come in this room on the right hand side somewhere, I haven't determined it's site yet.
So many delicious bits yet to finish and furnish...the copper boiler to the left of the stove being one of them.
I'm also thinking of have the coal furnace in the process of being installed in the basement.

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