Monday, January 14, 2013

Door preview & Doors in progress

Here is a preview of how the grand double doors will look.  There is no varnish on yet, no door nobs and no baseboarding, picture rail or cornice either but it gives a sort of preview and I am feeling better about these doors.  I found a paper for the ceiling too.  I am going for the cloud/sky look in imitation of what Whistler was doing for Lillie Langtry's (in the BBC series Lillie - which I HIGHLY recommend) drawing room ceiling.
Actually, this side is the hallway side, the doors that will face into the room here will have red where the dark centers are and dark surrounds.   There is a ton of touch up work to do and just tons of work yet to do on the doors period.   The "stained glass" is sandwiched between glass with 1/8" spacer between.

Here is just a photo of the other 3 doors in progress.   Yesterday afternoon hubby and I were working together at the dining table, him on miniatures for a game, I on my doors.

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