Monday, January 7, 2013

Working on doors

It feels like I spent the whole weekend working on doors and not one it is in yet.  But to show what I've been doing.    There will be stained glass in the space open over the doors.

I am going back and forth ad nauseum about whether or not it will be a single door from the hall to the morning room (seen here) or a pair of double doors.
Also, whether or not there will be double doors from the morning room to the dining room or a single door.


  1. It is looking Fabulous, whichever way you go! I have been planning on the double doors for my Victorian Cupboard House.... because they seemed so much more Elegant.... but I am realizing that it limits the space for furniture placement! What a Trade-off.... I think your house has more floor space than mine so it might not matter as much for you! I LOVE the red peacock print wallpaper!!!

  2. Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate them. The red paper I got from Hobby Builders Supply and the frieze and dado are from Bradbury & Bradbury. Check out their site, it will make you just drool....