Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am deep in doors.  Last night I watched the episode of Lillie wherein Whistler helps her improve her drawing room and I noticed the door was black.   The other side, facing the hall was not black but it was black with some gold lines.    I suddenly realized that the doors for the morning room had to be - black.   Forthwith, before bed, I began painting them black.   This morning I did a bit more and selected the stained glass bits to go over the single doors. 

The trim for the black doors will be a nice pale but decided grey and the baseboard will be either black or very dark grey.
The doors facing into the dining room are actually in 3 colors but I'm not seeing it come through on camera.
There also may be some white flowers or vines or something painted in the dark areas.

Yes, I am working on the dining table with the cloth and mats on, rather foolishly daring but I am hot on this path.

Those sticks will be a sort of inner casing to hold the stained glass in place.

The red sections are going to be the doors facing into the drawing room and may (but more likely not) have gold on them.
This door will go from the drawing room into the library/

I LOVE the look of this already.  This is the door going from the entrance hall into the morning room.

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