Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I was working like a mad woman and progress was made....  I got lights in the dining room and morning room.  The dining room is somewhat expanded which is really what I wanted to have to so that what you see here can happen.  The rugs can be rolled up, the tables put to the side under what will eventually be a row of windows and there is room for - DANCING!

The second photo is a mini child's eye-view sort of, kind of.
There is going to be a whole new floor in here.  The doors are not yet glued in, they are just set in place to get the effect.


  1. Thank you Liduina! I know the lighting causes it to have a big lump but I don't mind.
    I bought a roll of that wallpaper back in 1997 and am only now at it's end. Many, many ceilings in my town have that on them.