Friday, January 4, 2013

Little bits

The picture frame was of that very cheap almost pot metal, you can see it in the picture of Ariel's parlor under the title "Clearing Up in Ariel"
That metal has a tendency (in the last 15 years I've had these small frames)
to get a little frost, I don't know what else to call it.
This one had a little and I also wanted a different look for it.
Out comes the ever handy brown acrylic gloss paint and voila!
The plinth got it's coat of varnish.  This might look obnoxious to some but I am keeping in mind that Ariel is being shown as recently built and furnished with new Victorian furniture as of 1880's -1900 and thus everything will look ... new.   I am pleased that the wine glass looks okay next to the bottle of wine.

This picture is just to show the two plinths with flowers that I completed.  Now that I look at it this way the one on the right seems to need more bulk on top.


  1. Hey Cassandra, I like your blog! The plinths with flowers you made look fantastic, just as the little table next to the chair. Greetings, Liduina.

  2. Thank for the compliment Liduina. Those plinths were time consuming but really rather easy. I do love mini-flowers, they are so cheerful and they never, ever wilt or die off.