Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hallways are papered

By dint of staying up till 10 pm last night and getting up somewhere before 5 am, I was able to get the hallways papered. 
True - they will mostly not be seen but it makes me happy to have them done.
The bit of unfinished baseboard I propped upstairs was just for effect.  It will, of course be painted BROWN.
And once doors are in they will be standing open all the time just so I can look into my hallways.
These hallways are fully 3 1/2" wide, nice and generous.

Here is one of those shots I so love, as if I were mini and "looking down the hallway."   It makes me feel like an inhabitant.

Below is a better view of the wall-paper and the dado, oh so perfectly Late-Victorian.

If I can't have it in real life I can have it in 12th scale.

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