Monday, December 10, 2012

Bedrooms for Ariel

It doesn't look like much yet but it took me all Saturday to do.  I made half the top part of Ariel, the bedrooms.  I am not attaching the floor or roof until I finish wall-papering the halls and installing doors which, as I haven't yet bought them, will be a little while.

What you see here is about 36" wide and 16" deep.
 That bed sitting there is the one I made of Davy Board & wood bits back in 1997.  I spray painted it brown and learned how many coats it takes to cover unprepared cardboard!  Way too many I can tell you!   At least it has a mattress and a quilted yellow coverlet but no sheets or anything.   It looks like two maids could share it comfortably.  When I made it I thought it fine enough for the master bedroom but now I think not nearly so fine at all. 
           I am nearly dying of anticipation to go to work on this but I can't until all the decisions about the wall paper colors and friezes and dados are made for the entire top half (even the right hand side I haven't made yet).
           The lower floor ceiling height is 9 1/2" and the upper or the "attic" is 9", nice and high and sort of comfortable I guess.   Our old house had the same ceiling height as Ariel's attic - that is one way to think of it.
           Ariel is very late-Victorian, Eastlake-ian.   The bathrooms are going to be quite something I can tell you.  Maybe I can get ONE done this week.    

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