Sunday, December 30, 2012

Things done & found

I have been busy!   I cleaned and rearranged mini-working stuff inspired by the AIM magazine articles showing artisans work spaces.   Came to light many an item I don't even remember making yet there it was.  One of those was this blue chair (from a kit).  
The push pin and pony bead glass I made six dozen of after learning, at last, how to get the pin out of pushpins cleanly and neatly.   You hold the pin over a candle flame for 8 seconds and pull it out with pliers - easy-peasy.   The glasses aren't fabulous but they will do.
The crystal ball thing is just some bits I glued together which I simply couldn't resist.   It is a curiosity and will go into someone's library or the pawn shop should I ever get that built.

The wonderful plinth with flowers comes straight from an AIM magazine project.  I am working on a second one right now.  

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