Monday, October 3, 2011

More wallpapering done

It was slow going but I got more wallpaper or more properly said, dado's & friezes went up this weekend.  I am pleased to have quite a number of Bradbury & Bradbury papers in Ariel.

Fortunately, pictures do not show the amount of back-and-forth decision making that went on before I decided on this dado & frieze set for the "drawing room".  And when decided what I had to do to get it all on there.  I think it is a rather strong statement but this is what I want.

This one below is just perfect for the "morning room", quite somber.  I think this frieze is not B & B though it might be a Voysey - but whatever, it is just what I wanted.  Now to decide where fireplace and door(s) will go. 

The Morning Room

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