Friday, October 14, 2011


Inspired by perusing Casey's Mini-blog and seeing her crypt I suddenly got the hot idea for a mini-copy of the Collins Family Mausoleum!   

Entering that into the net pulled up a Youtube of an episode I haven't yet seen with a mini-mausoleum that Roger is apparently going to smash!   I don't know how to copy a frame or pic from a youtube but I made penciled notes.   I would rather try and make the one I see bits of in the series though, the old original one.

Facetious has a graveyard and it ought to have a mausoleum so it may as well be the one from Dark Shadows!
Fortunately this is a Friday and I just might have time this weekend to get a start on it.  What a thrilling thing to make!

October is just the greatest month!!!!

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