Monday, October 3, 2011

Merebrick - Uncle Justa's bedroom

These are some pictures of one of my favorite rooms in Merebrick.   He is a Civil War veteran eternally writing his memoirs and cozily tucked away (just as he likes it) on the ground floor.  He won't use the new-fangled bathroom and performs all his abulations in his room.  His washstand is to the right and his shaving equipment sits on a small table between the 2 windows on the door.
That small woven rug on the floor is something I made as a teenager back in 1976. 

I put him in the fictitious 305th Lancers with their motto of "Nos Facesso" which is a close as I could find in Latin to "Can-Do" which was the motto of the 305th Air Refueling Wing I belonged to long, long ago.  
He has a big photo of Robert E. Lee over his mantel.     Over in Port Brown, the kitchen house, they have a big painting of Abe Lincoln so it all evens out nicely!

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