Thursday, October 20, 2011


I bought one of those LED battery-powered lights which I meant to put in Slothaven's parlor but once I saw how BLUE they were....   Last night I discovered the shades screw off (!) and I applied with white glue a yellow tissue paper overlay, virtually a "gel" over the shades and bottoms of each of the five lamps.   Then it was alright to hang and it only looked right in the hallway, oddly enough.
So although the parlor remains unlit I am thrilled with the light in Slothaven and just love turning it off and on.   But I now fully realize how much work is needed on this hallway and on the door.

I also bought a fall tree.  I just plopped it on my just made board and took a picture to see how it would appear.  I could be happier with it but maybe after time and with better surroundings....  My favorite thing right now is the leaf that fell off while I was stretching out the branches, that is realistic enough.   The "bushes" have not had anything done to them yet so they look pretty silly - ignore them.

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