Monday, October 3, 2011

Slothaven's Dining room gets a frieze

As the title said...  There will always be a wedding about to happen in this room.  I'm proud of how well I did up these extremely cheap Greenleaf chairs.  It was in 2005 and under tense times when hubby was facing a layoff which happened and resulted in a major move/relocation.  I made chairs like crazy, 9 of these and 14  from House of Miniature kits.    This is how you can make hay out of hard times!
        That obnoxious & ostentatious looking chandelier I was making when recouperating from have all 4 wisdom teeth out and suffering from another tooth that needed a root canal and had to wait till I finished recouping, ugh!
        And it still needs a bit of cornice!

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