Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Fun!

I actually had an entire weekend (almost) to make mini's in.   The first thing I did - thank you Casey's Mini's for the idea, was to stop by the local Dollar Tree and get some wonderful items.  I got those mini-skeletons which will be handy for the doctor's office and other places in town.

I saw a set of black hair curlers and was at last able to make the fireplace grates described by Jean Nisbet in Making Your Dollhouse Special.  
The three pedestals I made from Hobby Lobby findings with a "checker" piece on top.

 Here is the unfinished version and another finished version.
I also found these "trays" which I am turning into shelving units for the stores.  The first one I made I used shoe polish on which I just read of on someone's blog.   I used brown since that was what was on hand and was very pleased with the results.       

In the second photo I am using one of my quilting rulers which I am finding incredibly handy for miniatures.     

The third photo shows the 1/16" x 1" piece of balsa I used for shelving.
The decorative top bit is from Hobby Lobby.

And the last photo shows the finished piece being loaded with "stock" - some ink bottles and desk blotters.

And also inspired from Casey's Mini's blog I made 3 tables for my Cafe using bits of wood also from HL.  I didn't paint them yet because I could not decide what color they will be.

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  1. I love the ink bottles, do you mind sharing how you made them???