Monday, October 31, 2011

Nothing made but plenty of inspiration!

Hubby and I went on a bus tour of Ohio River Towns and besides the simply fabulous views and scenery....
we also toured 4 historic homes and I got some photos of some items I fully intend to make.  First is a bed step stool that also housed a chamber pot.  This was in the Lanier House in Madison, Indiana.
I also was thrilled by all the restored facades on Madison's main street and decided I want my towns small row of stores to look something like.

The Lanier House also had 10' tall doors, both front and back entrance hall doors and the pocket doors!   Aren't they simply majestic!!     I do want pocket doors in Ariel.    I also noticed they had period carpeting nearly everywhere which was laid down in not very wide strips.   And just look at those fabulous curtains!
And then there was the dining room done with scenic paper, gold curtains and a patterned floor that you'd think would clash but it didn't.  I have been inspired by not only the furnishings but also the wall/floor combos in this house.


And just look at these delicious wash stands calling out to be made in miniature!

Look at the brightness & pattern of that carpeting too!  Wow!

More tomorrow....


  1. Wow, lots of inspiration here for miniature rugs, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos!!!!

  2. Beautiful scenic wallpaper in the dining room! Loce the combination of patterns in the last photo too.

  3. Gorgeous wallpaper! And carpets! And furnishings... and lights.... Gosh, I think this place is a treasure trove of inspiration! I'll be back for more looks as I work on my Victorian house...!