Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Red Dragon Tavern progress, finally!

It has been waaay too long since anything happened at the Red Dragon and now it is moving forward!
It finally has the doors put on, "fronted" so to speak!

I have put a rough brick paper one level around the base and above that will be plain clapboard probably painted brown.
The windows and doors will all be RED as well as any fascia and some porches that will be added to the first two stories.

Back to the right you can glimpse of bit of the Ness Bakery.
 There will be some advertise- ments on the sides of the Red Dragon and this is the first.

 Here is how it looks with the doors open. 
Much left to do but I am SO GLAD to finally have these doors on!!!!

Doors really cut down on the dust.  I could run my finger through the dust that has gathered on the floors of the Red Dragon.

I rearranged a bit and this may just end up being the new set up, who knows?  The famous Bouguereau painting is certainly featured this way!

 I got two pictures hung up but they didn't photograph to well, I'll try it again later when I get more done on this room.

You can really see the dust though under that pool table!
 I have decided that each of the four rooms will have a sofa or chaise in it, preferably in the bay.
I'm going to need to buy a couple more and/or make more.

Here are the doors and windows being painted, some of them.  There are 2 doors and 12 windows which need interior trim and window sills.  I am particular about the window sills and have to add them myself.

I can hardly wait to glue them in but it will take a while to get them completely ready.

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