Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More things I have made

This was from Christiane Berridge's wonderful book:  Victorian Dolls House Projects:  A Day in the Life.   The black pipe goes up and bends and goes to a wall.   I just love contraptions like these!
The sleeve board is my own design based on one I made full size for myself long ago.

Victorian Dolls' House Projects: A Day in the Life

I am not so sure about this harp.  It was a very cheap Christmas ornament that I played with but I am not sure it was much improved by my hands.  Still, I'm keeping it - just may move it back into a corner of a drawing room.
 This chair I made so long ago I can't recall when, the 1980's or earlier.  I have always been proud of it though the seat needs a bit of fixing.

The checkerboard was made when I was a teenager, never had any checkers for the poor thing. 
I found this green vase with sunflowers this past weekend at Hobby Lobby and couldn't resist it.
The book is an old cover and is about Civil War Battles.
The filigree dish is a bead cap I played with and  glued onto a large grommet.

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