Monday, May 21, 2012

One of my desks

This desk was also made in that year of reawakening to mini's, 1997.  It started with a need for a big desk in this style and a certain piece of wood I had for the top.  The drawers are fake but at the time I had no interest in drawers, I just need a big desk surface.
I still don't much care about drawers, I haven't reached the decorating point of filling them anyway.

I printed the letter in the "pencil sharpener" typewriter in 8 pt on the computer.

The blue china on the walls are bits from Amsterdam.  I was there in 1977 and picked them up because they were what I could afford at 17.  

I made this little "Blue viginette" to highlight my blue china/porcelain collection.   The tall vase I actually got in Paris in 1977 (couldn't afford a full-size piece of the beautiful stuff then).  
The ginger jar was a gift for a Dolls House World subscription back in the later 90's and the other two are nice beads I found at a Rendevous fair.
The table is obviously a turned bit and the top is from that cheap stuff Greenleaf makes kits of.


  1. I love the desk with the typewriter on it! And of course the Dutch miniatures in the background ;-)

  2. Thank you for the comment Josje!

    Miniatures give one no end of happiness, they are such a good investment, whether made or bought.