Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Tavern Progress!

I really got some work done this past holiday weekend!   I got the front trim all done and painted.  I got baseboarding in 2 of the rooms and 8 of the 12 windows in and one of the 2 doors in - glued in that is.

I can hardly wait to work on the siding I plan to have on the outside!
 One of the rooms with it's window in place.
I have a lot of "undressed" beds. 

Yes, that is a chamber pot sitting in that bed-stand.

 This is one of the rooms that got base-boarding.

Cornices also must be put in.

Since the local supplier (Hobby Lobby) has no more baseboarding I'm going to have order a bunch more.

I also got the "game room" base-boarded.
I had to dust and clean the floors too.

Now I will spend this week working on the last four windows.  I have to cut out inner muntins, paint them, paint the outsides - I wish someone else could do the work part.

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