Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More "things I've made"

This is a table I made long ago, so long I can't recall.  But I do know that the two-color top I did in 1997-8 in an attempt to spruce it up a bit.
 The two sampler perfume bottles in the back there aren't quite to size I think but I have had them since forever and I am not getting rid of them now.
This was made thanks to Christiane Berridge's book shown earlier.  

It begins with 3 empty match boxes. 

I plan to make more of these and I am saving my match boxes accordingly.

 Here is that chair I was so very proud of when I made it back in the early 80's.

The trunk is just of paper and cardboard with ledgers from an old checkbook spine. 

You can see my writing on the sides, it all looks very crude just now but it was great fun to make at the time.

These are made from that awful stuff you get in Greenleaf furniture kits.  This one was found in a second-hand store.   There were bits for 9 chairs and I tacked them during a difficult time in my life.  I am happy with how they came out even though they have no distinction whatsoever.

These 2 (of 14)  with gold seats are House of Miniature chairs from kits that I made in that "difficult time". 
     I doubt I'd have ever gotten them made but for needing a terrific distraction back in 2006.
    There were so many I changed the rungs half are one way the other half another.
     I made so many for a home that has a lot of people sitting down to their dinner table regularly!

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