Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Shops get built, Part 2

I also built a Grocery with a Pharmacy upstairs.   I love having advertisements on the buildings!   The interiors have a loooonnnngg way to go but I got a unit built for the Pharmacy late last year though I still haven't filled it up.   The exterior is a white brick (paper).

 Here is the shop building underneath the Fish and Deli shops.  The space to the left of the Deli shop will have a stair up to the second floor which is an art studio. 
The building beneath will have a barber and a hardware shop downstairs and a pawn shop and switchboard & telegraph office upstairs.    I haven't yet glued the floors together as work still progresses - EXTREMELY slowly.

And lastly, the Tall Building (I call it).  I added some to the right hand side which doubled it's width and allowed me to have - 1st floor a Photographer, a Hall with a door to The Daily Irony which is the newspaper of the town of Facetious) and a shoe-shine stand and magazine, newspaper & cigar stand as well as a fake door which will indicate an elevator to the other floors.   The second floor will be a Ladies Emporium and the third floor has a lawyer's office an a doctor's office.   The fourth floor is a sort of civic hall for any activity I want to show happening there.   I am thinking of adding a winter garden/conservatory on top but I may not as it too high up.  Whatever will happen to that lovely staircase if so...I don't know.    And sitting inside this building for no earthly reason, is my farmer's stand and on the first floor the door(s) that will be in the front when front's there be.

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