Friday, January 11, 2019

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes

FIRST there was a very big move (and a downsizing one) and a certain "house" never finished but much worked upon, got literally torn apart by me (because it wouldn't fit in the new place) and the components that could be saved, were.   

Secondly, there was a somewhat earlier than expected retirement a year an a half later.  And thanks to that I have been going through all my miniature stuff collected the last 20 years or so.    This has been a slower process - since I am older - but progress is happening slowly but steadily. 

The first thing that happened in 2017 was what I call the rebricking of Merebrick.  The old brick paper had gone...PINK!   I could NOT have a pink brick house and the Bricks themselves would never stand for such an indignity especially with Mr. Brick being an architect and eventual mayor of Facetious.
I had always planned to have an enlargement (upwards) to Merebrick and an extension and both are in progress, pictures to come...

To the left of Merebrick sits the Tavern/Inn which I had an extension cut out but could not begin to assemble it (and further complete the rest of it) until now.   

To the right of Merebrick is that nice little bandstand which also has brick paper on it's base that has gone pink - it too will have to be "re-bricked".

The second picture shows the one-room schoolhouse which in 2017 got it's wooden base put on at last and a clasp.   The base got finished although in this picture it is raw.

Much more to come....

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  1. That's a lot of re-bricking you will have to do! It's great to see a post and to see the entire building! I look forward to seeing more!