Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Shop shells get built, part 1

I've got a fair amount of arthritis now and so I decided when the weather warmed up (finally) in 2018, to at last build the shops I've wanted since the 90's.   Since this involved using the table saw I spent a LOT of time planning things down to the last 1/8" so as not to have to do any more cutting than absolutely necessary.   

I have to confess that when I began building my houses back in the 90's I was unbelievably careless with the power tools.  I worked barefoot, without eye protection (other than my glasses) and hand protection.   But I never had a mishap though I burnt out a jig saw I recall.   Anyhow, this summer I began to build the shops that sit under the older shops (you'll see what I mean by that later)   I got the shells built and fronts will come, hopefully in 2019.

The first was my Housewares store.  It is 24" wide and 14 1/2" deep and about 12" tall.    The Big unit on the back was is an old printer's tray I found 10 years or more ago in an antique mall and this is what I planned for it.   The shelf units are all glued in and filling them is going to be, I truly hope, years of enjoyment. 

The weird painting in the 3rd picture is the bottom of the old Shop building I call the Gateman building.  It was something I painted way back in the 90's.  I have since made a nice wooden ceiling which means you can no longer see it.  The Gateman building (with the grey brick and red door) sits on top of this one.   The beautiful green exterior doesn't really show to advantage in these photos. 

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