Sunday, January 13, 2019

The Mess of the Move

I'm going to show some pictures from the move where I had to deal with the furniture that came out of the house that got torn up.  It took me weeks to get the stuff assigned into boxes  and I used my pictures to help me do that but it is a good reminder of that difficult period.   I labelled the boxes all just "Dollhouse Furnishings" so when 2018 came long - it was intimidating to approach them, I had no idea what was where and there were, along with my many other plastic boxes of things to build mini's with, about a dozen murkily labeled DH furnishings, eee-gads!

Warning: these are very UNTIDY!   Maybe it's good for me to see these again now, reminds me of where I was...      In one of them you can see how "pink" Merebrick had become.

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