Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some details planned for Ariel

This little figure of a digging man on a piece of amethyst I found when hubby and I recently visited the Bluesprings Caverns.  It was as close as I could get to the sculpture sitting on a table in the entry hall of the old Dark Shadows series which I am happily watching and working my way through nowadays.    The one in DS is not sitting on amethyst but hey, it adds to the decor.  In fact it is why I chose purple for the upper hallway!

In fact, I plan to have a coffin tucked away somewhere in the basement, a very elegant coffin like Barnabas' has but it will be tricky to see and find - at least that is my plan for now.


  1. OMG! Another DS fan! I want to do a bedroom just like Josette Dupres-Collins' boudoir in my Merriman Park.

  2. BIG Dark Shadows fan, getting more so with every episode. LOVE the sets especially now that I'm up to the 1795 era!! I know some of it isn't correct but I love it anyway.

    I never saw it in my youth and I am glad I didn't as I am enjoying it more as a middle-aged adult than I ever would have as a child.

    All the plot-lines are just delicious aren't they? I may make some of the dolls for Ariel to resemble the characters. Ooooo, just got that idea!

    I'm going to have to make a mini-music box!

    Your idea of Josette's room is BRILLIANT!! I will be watching that on your blog with bated breath. I wonder if there is a way to get a tiny copy of that portrait of her?

    My mind is racing on this at work.....

  3. Ahh the idea of the hidden coffin sounds great!!

    It's very cool to see a fellow DS fan expressing their appreciation for the show on a different medium.

    I think I can provide an image of Josette's portrait, though it wouldn't be in a good resolution.

  4. If you could get the full-length portrait in color I don't mind if it would be a bit fuzzy, that would be VERY cool.

    I've found a site that is just hysterical about dark shadows if you can look past the title

    It has the wild dancing done at the Blue Whale looped, Buzz & Carolyn, just craaazzyyy!

  5. Hahahaha!!! They have got some hilarious stuff there. Actually I think I like the title :)
    But on the account of getting spoiled, I'll be bookmarking it for later~

    Thought I had a full length screencap of the painting but apparently I don't.
    I'll keep my eyes open though, the next time it's featured on an episode, I'll grab it.