Thursday, September 22, 2011

More bits and pieces I have made

I forget what these are called but I've wanted one for awhile.  It is a wooden turned bit which I painted.
On the right is just a viginette on the door of the parlor of Merebrick.

Below is an "Ironing Stove" which I made thanks to Christiane Berridge's wonderful books.  This is currently in the "laundry" room of Merebrick but who knows if it mightn't move to Ariel.

And last is a Chrysbon table in black the top of which I faux-marbled.   On it sits one of those pencil- sharpener gramophones which I painted with acrylic gloss paint to bring out the detail.  The hallway is in Slothaven.


  1. The housekeeping at Slothaven is supposed to be superlative but I'm noticing a serious breakdown in this photo. Of course, the maids room over the master bedroom is still empty - that must be why.