Thursday, September 22, 2011

Merebrick details, Mr. Brick's study

This is the desk in Mr. Brick's study.  I like how nice and masculine it all looks with the photo of a beloved, the guns, the box of cigars to the left, magnifying glass and letter holder (of which I made all but the guns).  
I also made the desk out of matboard and faux-finished it.   The chair which can't be seen too well is one of my balsa wood and toothpick creations from my teenaged years - so - very - long - ago - now.

Here is another picture showing a bit more of the same scene, I made the portfolio also:

And last is a tantalus and two bottles of wine which usually sit in the back of the study but which I propped up in the master bedroom to get a picture of them.  The wine bottles were cheap wooden ones I painted black using acrylic gloss, gold on the tops and stuck labels on them.  The tantalus I made 2 of and fashioned from beads and bits of wood.  They look good enough in the back of a room!


  1. Mr Brick is a lucky man to have such a tastefully-appointed study.

  2. I'm very fond of the Bricks. Mr. Brick is an architect (it's the late 1860's-to 70's) and will one day in the future be mayor of Facetious.