Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hallways floors are in!

Not just that but baseboarding in the blue hall is in too!    There is a grand picture which will hang just over where it is resting on the floor.   Details are still needed but it is getting there!!!

And last though not least, the purple hall.  There will be a flight of steps going up of course and that hall table needs to be replaced with a much finer version.


  1. I wish I had this kind of beautiful wooden floor/parquet in my own doll's house; it's perfect! I also admire the wallpaper in the purple room....lovely colour and pattern.

  2. I LOVE your hallway floor!!! How did you make it? It really looks Fantastic!

  3. Thank you Daydreamer and Liduina!
    How I made the floors is this. I cut a matboard piece to the dimensions of the room. I found the parquet online and by copying squares into a Word document, and putting as many as possible on a page then saving them and copying them directly on a color copier (that way the color and images are fused thoroughly). THEN I cut them out square by square and then I glued them with white glue down on the matboard. Once the floor is glued in to the room I finish off with 1 light coat of water-based poly-U but only after I wait a week or so for things to be thoroughly dry.

    It is tedious but it yields great results. While cutting and gluing I watch things like "Downton Abbey".