Thursday, March 28, 2013

New follower - Hello!

I see I have a new follower; Irene.  Welcome Irene!
Although I haven' anything more to report than to say I am every so busy lately and just look in on my dear dollhouses as I go in and out of my craft room, and they are looking good and happy to me and just seeing them at times briefly calms me and makes me feel just a bit better. 

I just wish I had more time to work on them - something every miniaturist I have ever read about wishes for.  

At least I can say that I have been reading about the Pre-Raphaelites lately and have read of many, many details that would make for some VERY INTERESTING mini-scenes. 
Here is one by Millais that I think would be good.


  1. Yes, sometimes; real life demands so much from our enery and time that making miniatures is out of sight. I know exactly what you mean! But just like you, I enjoy simply looking at my miniature house at these moments. And whenever an idea pops up in my head; I write it down for later use. Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us in the meantime.....
    Greetings from Liduina.

  2. I LOVE the Pre-Raphaelite works!!! I agree there is so much material for decor.... especially anyone doing a Victorian era building! That particular painting is not one I am familiar with! Thank you for sharing it! I hope you get more mini-time soon! And I know what you mean.... just looking into one of my Houses gives me joy!