Monday, February 18, 2013

Market Stall at last!

I found instructions on how to make this market stall online well over a year ago, perhaps even two years ago and finally, at long last I have it made.   I hinged the top for easy loading.   Originally I planned to make 4 but that idea quickly evaporated after I started in, too much work!!

The small sign reads, "Back in the Spring".

Now to make some Spring flowers for the opening!


  1. Hello Cassandra, what a beautiful market stall you made. Well done! I am looking forward to see it filled with...uhhh, what are you going to sell in it? Flowers, vegetables, baskets? I'll wait patiently. Have a lot of miniature-fun with it!

  2. Liduina,

    Thank you for the comment! I am determined to make some spring flower bouquets so that I can have a nice spring display just in time for Spring! I plan and hope to change it out as the seasons change, summer stuff in the summer and Fall - that is one of the best times almost, of the year.

    I am debating putting a finish on it but I am not sure just what.