Thursday, January 9, 2014

Second set of stairs done!

These stairs are in the basement so they are servants stairs.  I wanted balusters on both sides because they are narrow.  Fortunately I had a second pair of them from some other set of steps bought in the past.
 In order to get as much room as possible for the steps I added on 1/4" sides  (using basswood) and mounted the balusters to that instead of the stair treads. 
I added an extra step provided in the pack and another final base at the bottom of 1/2" thick balsa. 
I painted the whole caboole with Dark Umber acrylic paint.

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These are noticeably narrower than the other stairs will be but they look good and worn just now.  I will be "varnishing" them.
I put a little piece of moulding as a little Roman a' clef to cover up rough edges.

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