Thursday, July 12, 2012

Items made while camping

After that stay in the fine Victorian home we camped for a week - here is our tent under a tree.   I brought a plastic bin filled with mini-making stuff and made several items....
 From a DHW magazine I made 4 lap desks.
I also used a fan to make the small table.

Yes, I painted them and did all of it at our camp table under our fly.

I made an abacus and a small slate board too.
I made two wall-pockets using filigree bits and mat-board.

 And best of all I used my Ruthberg book to make these washstands out of matboard and 1/8" square basswood for the legs.   The legs were shaped with an x-acto.

I call these the Tres Amigos.
They are all going in the Red Dragon Tavern upstairs rooms.


  1. Your "triplets" look amazing!

  2. Thank you! I'd like to have a lot more, LOL!!!