Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back to the "Simple" layout

Tried one of those new dynamic views and have decided simpler is better.

I've been on vacation and on our way to camping we spent a night in a B & B.  It was a beautiful old home in Ohio and here are some of my pictures.  I have visited many but this is the first time I got to stay & sleep in an historic home.  It was also my first live seeing of black squirrels!  They had a family of them out back.

This fireplace was in the front hall which I found interesting.
The detail of the woodwork is kind of amazing. 
 Again the height of the pocket doors made me realize my doors in Ariel have to be taller.

The proportions of the whole house were fascinating to me and very helpful when working on dollhouses.
The relative height of the lamp for instance to the ceiling.  When there it was perfect, but in looking at this picture, much as you see a dollhouse room, it seems so low and so small.

I have decided my stairs somewhere have just GOT to have lamps on them like these.     
This picture looks into the dining room from the front hall.
 The built-in library shelves had the most interesting system for adjustable shelves that I have ever seen.   The cabinet on the right stood in front of one of 3 sets of pocket doors!
The exquisite dining room with a southern exposure.  I love the loftiness of the ceilings!
It felt huge and airy in there!   That ceiling medallion really stood out with the two-tone coloring used. 
 A small view of the "butler's panty" I think it once was but it would have made for a marvelous breakfast room for a private family. 
Another fireplace you just want to copy in mini - if you could.

Hearth detail.

 Looking upstairs.
 On the lower left of this picture of the staircase, built into them were 2 drawers!  I thought that a wonderful idea.
 Opposite the fireplace in the front hall was this built-in hat rack!!   The settee there obscures it but it was original to the house too.  Fabulously detailed woodwork.
The front hall looking towards the entrance with it's stained glass.  The hall was about 12 feet wide, I "foot-measured" it.

 Another bit of hearth detail I found fascinating.  This fireplace was upstairs in our bedroom.
 Our room, which I think is the nicest, most elaborate bedroom I ever slept in.

Here is how it looked as night fell.

 The hinges on the doors were just awesome!
 This is a view of the upper hallway so simple and yet so wonderful.


  1. Lucky you, the house is beautiful, thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. What a Great place to visit!!! I also want to put a lamp on the stairs like that... I have ever since seeing The Victoria Mansion in Portland Maine many years ago! They had a magnificent staircase with gas lights at the bottom newel post! The mantlepieces in this house are wonderfully varied and ornate! I Love that about the Victorians.... they went for variety rather than repetition! Thanks for sharing all these photos!

  3. Thank you Elga & Daydreamer for the comments!
    I even got to work on my crazy quilt while sitting in the parlor, just like a Victorian lady - it was wonderful.