Friday, May 29, 2015

Bottles for the Drug Store

I've been looking back on my blog and my, I have some pictures to take!  For example, the dining room in the "big house" has a new floor laid, has had for well over a year and I don't have a photo of it.
But for now I just have some pictures of some bits done over the past Memorial Day weekend.  I've had some toothache and doing mini-bits is wonderfully soothing while waiting to see the dentist.
Below is an old piece I made as a teenager.  As an adult I sanded it as well as I could and painted the shelves white.  That bit on the top is just sitting there on a whim with grip wax - it won't be staying.

But what was made were some new bottles and labels put on.  I just love bottles arrayed on a shelf...!
I'm going to need a TON more for a drug store.

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